This division commercializes premium quality products especially selected and certified for export from Argentina corresponding to the major agricultural sectors:

  • Grains, Seeds & Oils.
  • Beef, Pork and Poulty
  • Seafood


This division imports and distributes high quality products under the prestigious Sabor D’ Oro brand. The mayor lines which we commercialize are:

  • SABOR D’ORO® ´VERDE´ and ´DULCE´  by Pedro Yera; targeted to a gourmet public that searches early produced oils from October with bitter and spicy sensations. Bottle sizes: 100 ml., 250 ml. y 500 ml.
  • SABOR D’ORO® SELECCIÓN DE ALMAZARA; which is an oil collected during the month of November, characterized for its organoleptic equilibrium and its excellent quality-price ratio. Bottle sizes: 100 ml., 250ml., 500 ml., 750 ml. (available on special orders) y 1L. (available on special orders).
  • VITALOLEUM® Bottle sizes: 250ml., 500 ml. y 750 ml. Pack sizes: 2 L. y 5L.
Sabor d'Oro


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